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How to capture Konica-Minolta log files

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How do you capture Konica Minolta log files from AutoStore 7?


  1. Go to the AutoStore installation folder for the Konica Minolta client:

By default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\KonicaPanelClient

  1. Copy/paste the web.config file to a backup location
  2. Open the web.config file in Notepad as Administrator (right-click Notepad in Start Menu > select Run as administrator > open web.config)
  3. Make the following change:

Find this line:
<add key="OpenAPILogLevel" value="None" />

Change to:
<add key="OpenAPILogLevel" value="All" />

  1. Verify the Trace Category log level and set to Verbose:

Find the line that starts with:
<add name="Trace Category" switchValue=

If needed, change to:
<add name="Trace Category" switchValue="Information,Verbose">

  1. Save the web.config file
  2. Restart the AutoStore services
  3. Go to the AutoStore Konica Minolta clients Logs folder:

By default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\KonicaPanelClient\Logs

  1. Make sure there is an OpenAPISDK1.log with current date and time; if the file is present and shows 0 KB, that's ok (this means the log file is created but the log file entries are still in memory and have not been written to the file)
  2. Reproduce the issue; make sure to note the specific times of the important events at the panel
  3. After the issue is reproduced, go to the Konica Minolta clients Logs folder and gather the following logs: 

By default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\KonicaPanelClient\Logs

  • Save the OpenAPISDK1.log
  • Find the Site folder with the most recent date and time stamp then save the last two KonicaPanelTrace.log files (one will have *.yyyy-mm-dd in the file name)
  • Save the KonicaPanelError.log file if it has the current date and time stamp
  • It's generally also recommended to gather the corresponding DRS logs and AutoStore logs
  1. Restore the original web.config file
  2. Restart AutoStore service