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How to open an AutoStore Incident / Support Ticket / Case - Needed information

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Problem Statement:

The AutoStore Analyst, Technical Support request additional information from you, after you open an support ticket.


The submitted information are not enough or useful to troubleshoot the ticket in a short time frame.


In order to assist you with your request we would appreciate as much information as possible when you create a new incident.

Please note, that Technical Support only request component and log information which are used in the workflow.

-      Detailed problem description

-      Support Contract number (CNR number)

-      A license report of the Autostore Server(s)

-      The AutoStore configuration file (.cfg file)

-      Log file(s) in Debug Level 4 (e.g. トC:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\Log") ( How to enable Debug? )

-      DRS Log file(s) (e.g. トDRS install directory\logs\")

-      Server OS version and/or virtual system Information

-      Component versions which caused the issue in the configuration (right click on the component -> トInformation" -> Screenshot)

-      A screenshot of the トAbout" dialogue in the AutoStore Process Designer

In some cases it is useful to also provide the following information:

-      Version of the DMS, or the authentication system, MFD firmware version and device model

-      Expected result/outcome of the workflow

-      Example documents (e.g. barcode pages), used template files within the configuration (XML, TIFF)

The provided information help us to troubleshoot your problem.

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