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Konica Minolta DnsErrorException

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If the following error "DnsErrorException" is displayed in AutoStore, which can be seen in the Device Manager and in the Status Monitor, then it is due to the Group Settings and an incorrect entry.

[UNF] Konica Minolta MFP: KMOAPICapture.DnsErrorException: Incorrect address DEVICE IP ADDRESS: Incorrect address KONICA.DEVICE.HOSTNAME: No such host is known
at KMOAPICapture.KMCapture.IsMember(IEnumerable`1 addressList, String clientAddress)
at KMOAPICapture.Settings.GetGroup(String profileId)
at KMOAPICapture.KmSetupAgent.GetApps(String ipAddress, String instanceId)
at KMOAPICapture.KmSetupAgent.RegisterApp(MfpRaw mfpRaw, Boolean forceUpdate, String instanceId)


Incorrect entries within the group cause problems.  This happens especially when a fake address is added, or a name that cannot be resolved. 
It is quite possible that this is the first entry that does not respond or cannot be resolved and that other incorrect entries follow. All erroneous entries must be removed. 

It must therefore be ensured that no incorrect addresses are used in the AutoStore settings. The group must have a valid MFP IP address.

Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore 7
ControlSuite AutoStore  8


Article # 3052887