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OCR Error: Job item(0) detected: 0x8004CB01

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Problem Statement:

Depending on the configuration in the OCR, the following error may occur: 

OCR: Failed with input file [C:\FILEPATH\TESTFILE.pdf]
OCR: Error(s) occured:
Job item(s) detected runtime error(s):
Job item(0) detected: 0x8004CB01
Barcode module error.
Recognize Images


The OCR component can confuse certain types of things as barcodes, for example grid style paper. If this happens an error on that page is produced.


Disable the Detect Barcode setting in the OCR component:

  1. Right click on the capture component in the AutoStore task and select Properties.
  2. Select the Form, click edit, then select the Components tab. Or if it is not a form based component just select the components tab.
  3. Select OCR and the Advanced tab.
  4. Uncheck the detect barcodes option.
  5. Save the configuration file *.cfg and restart the AutoStore service. 
  6. Retry the document.
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