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Ricoh ESA CAC Authentication Error: Login Not Detected

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Problem Statement:

  1. User selects AutoStore button on the device.
  2. Puts in their CAC card and enters their PIN
  3. The user receives the error 'Login not detected on the panel of the device'.


CAC Authentication is not set as priority on the extended feature list. Under Extended Features, CAC Authentication has to be the first on the list.  Since CAC Authentication is not priority, it won't pass information to AutoStore Xlet.


  1. Make CAC Authentication priority.
  2. On Java 4,5 and 7, you can set the priority through the embedded web page
  3. http://, login as Admin, go to configuration, under Extended Feature, please select Starting up.  You can select CAC Authentication and select priority and save.
  4. Java versions later than 7.x require a tool to enable CAC priority. Please contact Ricoh Tech Support to perform this action.


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