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Running AutoStore as a Program for Debugging

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Sometimes it is handy to run AutoStore not as a service, but as a program. The difference is that if AutoStore runs as a service (which is the normal production mode) there is no interaction with the desktop of the user. As a result, an administrator might not see error messages, as they are displayed under the surface.Another area where it is useful to run AutoStore as a program is when testing with Novell Netware environments or Windows domains, which are more complex (trusted domain environments).

Steps and Instructions

To start AutoStore as a program you have to do the following:

  1. Stop the AutoStore Service if it is running
  2. Open the command prompt (run CMD)
  3. Navigate to the installation folder of AutoStore (default is: c:\program files\nsi\autostore)
  4. Run "batch -e -c"c:\my-script.cfg" ... it is important that there are "spaces" between "-e" -"c" - after -c reference to the script you have created in APD.
  5. AutoStore will now run as a program - to stop the server press "Ctrl. + C"

Sample Command

Icon c:\program files\nsi\autostore\batch -e -c"c:\my-script.cfg"