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SharePoint 2010 - Impersonation is denied. DomainAccount is not administrator of the site

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When using impersonation the following error is presented in the Status Monitor.

Status Monitor Error

Icon 3/22/2012^10:26:55:4^Arbor 1^UNKNOWN MESSAGE^SharePoint 2010: Root folder of the list or the document library is invalid: Impersonation is denied. 'Domain\UserName' is not administrator of the site.

Resolution / Workaround

The proper permissions set is not applied for the configured service account in the SharePoint 2010 Route connector. This is a SharePoint permission issue and is not an AutoStore related issue.

User Name: The user listed here must be a Site Collection Administrator. This permission set must be enabled at the root site port 80 or any other specified port that SharePoint is running on.

Impersonate:ᅠThe users that are going to be used for Impersonation MUST have contributor rights to the site that documents are being routed too.

When using 'Check Permissions' within the SharePoint site the user account that was being used was provided with Full Control and Contribute access. Remove the User Account from all SharePoint groups such as ᅠMembersᅠandᅠOwner. Then exclusively add the account to 'Site Collection Administrators'ᅠfor the root port 80 site or any port.

Icon The User Account should not be listed in Site Collection Administrator, Members and Owner. The User Account should ONLY be listed in Site Collection Administrators.

Other Information

Correct User Permissions for Impersonation

Icon When checking the permission set after adding the user to Site Collection Administrators, you should see this for the User who we are using to log into SharePoint with:

Incorrect User Permissions for Impersonation

Icon Even though the permission set below is showing Full Control. The user below 'John Thomas' should be removed from the groups shown below and added to Site Collection Administrators. The user permission should not look like this.





Article # 3016428