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Kofax Business Connect Mandatory Update

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Due to technical changes introduced by both Google and Apple, the Kofax Business Connect Mobile app requires a new connection method next time it will be updated.  In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Kofax Business Connect app, customers must upgrade their Business Connect Servers no later then March 31, 2021.

Both Apple and Google required components within the Kofax solution to leverage newer libraries.  One of these libraries requires the use of “CORS”, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.  The implementation of CORS is mandatory and as a result breaks the connectivity with the existing app, if the server side is unable to use the same protocol.  As a result, both the server side and app side of the Business Connect solution must be upgraded.  In order to maintain a working solution, the server side must be upgraded first as it is designed to handle both connection types.  The app, however, is NOT able to leverage both types of connection and therefore must leverage CORS exclusively, requiring the server side to support it.


Please update the installation to the latest version of Business Connect Server.
Updates for Kofax Business Connect are available on the Kofax Delivery portal.

Updates for Kofax Business Connect in use as a part of ControlSuite is now available through the Kofax ControlSuite Installation Assistant.

Version updates are available for Kofax Business Connect version, 8.1.4 and 8.1.5
The updated versions are (, and


Installation Requirements

Download the version of Business Connect that is nearest version to what is currently deployed and run the installation package.  The solution should be updated to the latest version.  Upgrade documentation can be found in the following locations:

             ControlSuite Business Connect Installation Instructions

             Business Connect Installation and Upgrade for Business Connect 8.1

o             Packaged with file on the Kofax Delivery Portal

             Business Connect Installation and Upgrade for Business Connect 7.2

o             Packaged with file on the Kofax Delivery Portal

The server software is backward compatible with the current and previously released mobile apps.

The server software should be updated no later then March 31, 2021.  The apps published to both the Google Play store and the Apple App store will be updated the week following.

Create a Kofax Business Connect Technical Support case to request the the latest hot fix roll up. Follow the instructions at the following link:


Applies to:  

Product Version

Business Connect

Business Connect