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ControlSuite: How to change name of the Server that hosts the Security Framework

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What are the steps to point to a different Security Framework Server Name?


This must be done on all the servers where Security Framework is installed.

1. Update the HostName & SfsUrl in the file C:\ProgramData\Nuance\SecurityFrameworkService\Settings\ddb.config  (Enter server name in lowercase)


2. Recycle the Security Framework Service application pool. This will allow you to logon to the Configuration Assistant.

3. Update the URL in the configuration file: C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NDISecurity\ndisecurity.config (Enter server name in lowercase)


4. Delete all folders from \ProgramData\Nuance\NDISecurity\CS\Cache.

These next steps must be followed on all the servers where these applications are installed: AutoStore, Equitrac, Output Manager, Business Connect

1.     Open Configuration Assistant

  • Databases – reconnect the databases to the new correct instance
  • Services – select all and stop all services
  • Certificate Management – select all and generate new Self-Signed certificates and click “Apply”.
  • Authorization & Security - enter the Security Admin Credentials
  • CS Enrollment – select all un-enroll and enroll the services again.
  • Services – select all and start all services
  • Licensing – Verify Server location path is correct

2. Close Configuration Assistant

3. Restart IIS application pools

4. For Output Manager - Run the following script in the Output Manager database.

  •  UPDATE SystemConfig SET fneLicenseInfo = NULL, fneLicenseData = NULL
  •  Restart OM DBM service


These steps must be followed if the above applications are installed on the same server where the Host Name was changed.

For Equitrac: 

  • Go to Hkey_Local_Machine --> Software --> Equitrac --> DRE --> SystemName registry key and change the server name.
  • Open System Manager --> go to Diagnostics --> Configuration and --> <default> --> CAS --> <no classification> change the server name for the FneServerHost and SLPScopes entries.


For Output Manager:

  • Open OM Console --> Administration --> Manage Product Components and remove components pointing to the old server name.

For Business Connect: 

  • Open Business Connect Server Configuration Manager --> Printing Services and Discover the CS services.

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x



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