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ControlSuite: How to configure a virtual queue without taking a Device License

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When a Physical Device is created for the virtual queue, how is it configured so a Device license is not used?


Pre-requisites for this setting is the version of ControlSuite, which must be 1.2 or above. If a device license is being used, ensure that the latest Fixpack has been applied as versions prior to 1.2 do not have this fix. 

Kofax recommends always applying the latest Fixpack available. 

Open Web System manager and go to Devices > Physical Devices and open the virtual queue physical device. 

Once opened, set the following:

  1. Open the Output Link
  2. Important: Set the Output to None and Save - this prevents the virtual queue from taking a device license.

1 Physical Device Output.jpg

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.2