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ControlSuite: Scans are not visible in the Equitrac Web System Manager Scan Client

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In the Equitrac Web System Manager, the Equitrac Scan client does not show any Scan transactions from Scan to Me or Capture and Send. A window may open with "A critical Error has occurred".


Option 1 : Configure the Application pool to run as the Equitrac Service Account

The configuration of the Equitrac Application Pool needs to be changed to allow it to communicate with the Equitrac Database as scan client communicates directly and not through the Core Accounting Service (CAS).

This is achieved by changing the user from ApplicationPoolIdentity to the Equitrac Service Account.

  1. At the Server open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager in Administration tools
  2. Expand the tree to show and Select Application Pools
  3. Select the Equitrac Application Pool

Application Pools.jpg

  1. Select Advanced Settings in the right-hand window
  2. Edit the Identity in the Process Model Section
  3.  Change to Custom User
  4. Add the credentials for the Service account (Use domain\user format)

Applciaiton Pool Identity.jpg

Note if using Local System for the CAS service, then choose Local System in Builtin Accounts

  1. Click OK and then OK again to return to the main IIS window
  2. Right-click on the Equitrac Application Pool and select Recycle in the right-hand window

There is no need to restart the website or IIS

Option 2: If installed on local SQL Express Database, configure the Database to allow access by the Equitrac Application Pool

1. Open SQL Management Studio Express

2. Connect to the local SQL Express database 

3. Open Security and right click on Logins

4. Select New Login

5. Enter the login Name IIS APPPOOL\Equitrac  (note the space must be included)


6 In User mapping click the Equitrac database and select dbowner, save and exit


7. Close SQL management Studio

Refreshing the Equitrac Web System Manager will now allow Scans to be visible


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x
Equitrac  6.x