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ControlSuite : How is Equitrac configured for Microsoft Universal Print in Controlsuite 1.3 and above?

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Question : 

How is Equitrac 6 configured to use Microsoft Universal Print in Controlsuite 1.3 and above?

Answer : 

A simple process can be followed here by creating Virtual Queues and Configure release devices.


Before starting, ensure Domain Qualification is switched on, this is required to ensure Universal Print Jobs can be discovered

Setup Configuration Assistant to talk to Identity Provider and Universal Print Application

Configure Azure Active Directory to import your users, they cannot be created on first print.

Microsoft Universal Print Virtual Queue

This is a virtual queue that works in a similar way to Equitrac virtual queues. The difference being that the job is stored in Azure instead of Equitrac.

When a Universal Print Virtual Queue is created, a printer is added to Universal Print that becomes shared for users to submit print jobs to.


  1. Open Equitrac Web Client
  2. Navigate to Sources > Universal Print Virtual Queues
  3. Add A Queue with the Desired name
  4. Check your Universal Print Portal and ensure the printer is created and shared
Workstation Printing

A desktop computer can add a Universal Print shared queue when the workstation is connected to its Work or School account. Printers are then added in the settings app searching for universal print queues

  1. In Windows 10 go to Settings > Accounts > Access Work or School
  2. Add your Microsoft Azure account to sign in
  3. Go to Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners and choose to Add a New Printer
  4. Choose Search Universal Print for Printers and add the printer added above

When the printer is added and job submitted, the job is stored in Azure ready for release to a device. It does not touch the Equitrac server and a DRE is not required to process the print job.

Microsoft Universal Printers

Universal Printers are created in two ways:

1/ Universal Print Compatible devices

There are natively connected to Azure Universal Print. Jobs can be released directly to the printer anywhere as long as it can communicate to Azure,

2/ Non Compatible Printers

These printers require a Gateway application downloaded from Azure. The Queue is set up where the gateway is installed as per a normal print queue.

The Gateway then is used to add the print queue to Azure by mapping the queue created into Azure

See Set up Universal Print | Microsoft Docs

Print Release at the Device

A physical device in Equitrac is created when the Embedded device is added to DCE. When this device is created it then requires mapping to an output queue in Azure.

  1. Open Equitrac Web Client
  2. Go to Devices > Physical Devices and open your Device to configure it
  3. Go to the Universal Print Tab
  4. Choose Map a Universal Print Queue
  5. Select the device from a list of available printers.  NOTE: The virtual queue will not be listed here as its not an Output device!

Once the device has been logged onto, DCE talks to PJM and Universal Print service on the DCE server, contacting Azure to query the virtual print queue. Paused jobs are listed and the user can choose to release to the Printer Mapped in the Physical Device.

The job is then sent to the Printer (either direct or through the Gateway dependent on whether it natively supports Universal Printing or not)

Applies to:  

Product Version
Controlsuite 1.3 and above


Article # 3046896