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ControlSuite : How to configure Azure AD Identity Provider in Configuration Assistant

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How is the Azure AD Identity Provider configured in Configuration Assistant?


When setting up the Azure AD connection in the Identity Provider section of ControlSuite, there are several fields to configure.

Discover Endpoint URL

This is always using the same format and requires the TenantID (not name) to be filled in. This is a GUID and can be found on your portal in the Azure Active Directory page

Application ID

This is the ID of your registered Active Directory Application that will have created as per the Kofax Documentation

Client Secret

This is the Client secret created in the AAD Certificates and Secrets page of your Active Directory Application

Domain Name

This is your Azure Domain Name usually in the format

Administrative Role

This should be set to ControlSuite.Admin and should match the entry in the App Roles link of your Active Directory Application

For more information see the video on the Kofax Democenter that outlines the whole process

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.3 and above


Article # 3047586