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ControlSuite : How to correctly configure complex SQL password for the Equitrac Database in Configuration Assistant

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When complex passwords are used for the SQL authentication to the Equitrac Database in ControlSuite, how do they need to be entered to cater for special characters? 

Answer : 

When setting the SQL connection in Configuration Assistant and the password contains special characters (one of the followings: []{}(),;?*=!@ ) and you are using SQL authentication then the password must be enclosed in curly brackets. If the password itself contains a closing curly bracket, that should be entered twice. Failure to do this will cause the Core Accounting Service (CAS) to be unable to connect to the database.

Here are some examples on how the passwords has to be changed manually:

Password Change to:
Password Password
P@ssword {P@ssword}
{fe-ra,^59405]9* {{fe-ra,^59405]9*}
Pa{}word {Pa{}}word}
Two}}One {Two}}}}One}


If the password is entered correctly following the above rules, and that modified password is provided to the Configuration Assistant, to be encrypted and saved into registry as DBKey, the CAS Service will connect correctly to the database. Note: The test will fail when changing password, so test without the changes and then add the brackets etc. The CAS will start and communicate if the password has the correct changes. 


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite Up to 1.2 Fixpack 2