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ControlSuite : How to run Equitrac 6 Utilities from a Workstation

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How are utilities configured to be run from a workstation e.g. Print Queue Viewer


There are two methods to complete this task:

Install with Reporting Utilities and System Manager

All Equitrac utilities (Print Queue Viewer, Reports, System Manager, EQcmd, Cashier etc) all require authentication through the Security Framework

To use these utilities the process is as follows

  1. Download the required ControlSuite Web installer for the ControlSuite version being used (or copy the offline installer from the Server).
  2. Unblock the zip file and extract to a folder
  3. Run Installation Assistant
  4. Click past the initial check screens and choose manually configure
  5. Choose 'Equitrac Configuration and Reporting Utilities' only
  6. Click through and the required files will be downloaded and installed
  7. Once completed the Configuration Assistant will be loaded
  8. Sign into the Security Framework and enroll the Equitrac Common client
  9. Complete the Configuration Assistant
  10. The Kofax menu will be added to the Start menu

The print queue viewer will then be able to connect and interrogate DRE and DRC servers that are enrolled into the Security Framework

Alternative Method : Installing standalone
  1. Copy the two MSI applications from the Equitrac Source folder on your server (1.x.0.x\Installs)
  • ControlSuiteConfigurationAssistant.msi
  • EquitracCommon.msi
  • Add any other required tools - Reports Manager
  1. Install the applications to their default locations (C:\Program Files\)
  2. Run Configuration Assistant
  3. Connect and enroll to the Security Framework
  4. Print Queue viewer will be installed to the Start Menu
Set Access permissions

Access as a non administrator is dependent on the ndicomponent.config file in C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NDISecurity\Components\EQCommonClient

Change the access permissions on this file to a domain group that includes users that need access. Otherwise you will have to run the utilities/reports as administrator.

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x


Article # 3046083