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ControlSuite : What user rights are required to create the Equitrac database in Configuration Assistant and if they are not available how can the database be created?

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When connecting Equitrac and creating the SQL database, what are the rights required and if they are not available, what is the manual process? 


For the database to be created automatically by the user in Configuration Assistant, they must have Database Creation rights (dbcreator).

If the database is external, the client may not allow these rights in which case the alternative method is to get the customer's SQL administrator to create the database.

To do this follow the steps below:

1. Ask their SQL administrator to create the database, usually called eqcas.

2. Provide the SQL administrator with the Scripts to create the database (SQLserverInit) and turn on comitted snapshots (SQLserverOpt - this is run against master). Also if required, add the SQL views scripts if required (CAS_SQLserver_views). These are located in the \Program Files\Kofax\Equitrac\Database directory created by the Installation Assistant).

3. The SQL administrator needs to give DB read (db_datareader)/write(db_datawriter) rights to the Account running Configuration Assistant and also Owner (db_owner) rights to the Service account (if one is being used) or the Computer if running under local System see How to connect ControlSuite Equitrac 6.1 to the SQL database when using Local System to run the Core Accounting Service - Kofax

4. Once the Administrator has done this, the Configuration Assistant can then be run and should pass the Database connection tests.

5. Finally, the reports will need to be loaded manually to ensure reporting can function see ControlSuite : How to Reload Reports if they are not available - Kofax

Applies to:  

Product Version
Controlsuite 1.x
Equitrac 6.x


Article # 3047059