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Controlsuite : How to Move the EQSpool Folder

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In Controlsuite/Equitrac 6.x , how do you move the location of the EQSpool folder? 



To change the location of the EQSpool folder, perform the following steps. NOTE: Users will be unable to print while the move is in progress so pause the Secure queues and existing secure jobs will be lost.

DISCLAIMER:  Equitrac recommends backing up your registry files before making any changes. Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall Windows. The movement of the EQSpool folder can have potential serious security issues if not performed properly.  Equitrac will not be responsible for improper modification of the System registry or for any consequences which might result from modifying the default location of the EQSpool folder.

Before proceeding, it is recommended that all pending transactions be completed before proceeding.  Use the Print Queue Viewer to verify that the Secure Print Queue is empty.  However, if you are unable to process pending transactions due to a full hard drive, complete steps 1 through 12 below, and then complete step 13.

Equitrac Spool 

1.  On the printer server, make a backup of the registry before proceeding.

2.  Stop the eqdre Service.

3.  Navigate to the following registry subkey:


4.  In the left pane, right-click DRE, and select New>String Value.

5.  Type the name SpoolDir and press the Enter key.

6.  In the right pane, double-click the new entry and enter the path to the new EQSpool folder (for example, C:\EQSpool).


7.  Exit the registry.

8.  Open the Services dialog box and restart the EQ DRE Service; this forces the creation of the new EQSpool folder defined above.

9.  In Windows Explorer, navigate to the new EQSpool folder, right-click the folder, and select Properties.

10.  Click the Security tab.

11.  Verify that the "Print Operators" and the local "System" account groups are listed with modify rights to the new folder.  Add the groups if they are missing.

12.  Verify that you can successfully print and track using the new EQSpool folder.

Windows Spooler

NOTE:  The EQSpool folder must be on the same drive as the Windows Spool folder.  You can check the location of the windows spool folder in the registry on the server

To Modify this open PrintManagement.msc and right click on the server and select Properties


Change the Location here, it will move immediately you press OK

Note: Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x