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Controlsuite : How to add Print Queue Viewer to a desktop for viewing Secure Print jobs

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How is a desktop configured to use Print Queue Viewer to see jobs on a Print server?


Kofax recommend that for users to see their own jobs they should log into the Equitrac Web System manager and the jobs are visible in the User dashboard. This can be via PIN or Active Directory login. SSO can be enabled see ControlSuite: How to Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for Equitrac Web System Manager - Kofax

Should an admin require access to Print Queue Viewer, in ControlSuite there is an extra layer of security before the print queue viewer can be used.

The requirements are that in addition to the Print Queue Viewer application itself, the Configuration Assistant and the Equitrac Common Client needs to be installed.

Kofax recommend that the Online installer is used and the option selected should be to add just Equitrac 


This will also add reporting and the necessary components.

Once this is completed the Configuration Assistant will be opened and then the Common Client can be enrolled into the Security Framework,


Once the connection is made, click next and the Commoin Client will be enrolled


Once this is enrolled, close the Assistant and the Print Queue Viewer will be in the start menu.

Next open the Print queue viewer and change the server to point at the required target and print jobs will be visible


If you wish to add the server to the Start Menu so it is not required to change then right click on the start menu and go to File Location (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Kofax\Equitrac) and edit the shortcut chnaging -s localhost to -s Servername for the server required (mutliple shortcuts can be added to this location if required)


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x