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Controlsuite : How to bulk import users and card numbers from another system into Equitrac

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How to bulk import card numbers from another system into Equitrac 6 to save the user from registering card ID's


Equitrac has a Utility called EQcmd.exe that can be used to bulk modify users.

It is located in %program files\Kofax\Equitrac\Tools directory.

It is recommended to copy this utility into another folder to allow a log file to be created on import e.g. C:\EQcmd

Create two .csv files to first import the users and then to allocate the card number to the user.

User Import file

The file format contains three comma delimited fields as below:


One line per user name

Save the file ready for import (you can of course use Excel to create the file and save as .csv if you wish)

Card ID Import file

The file format needs the username and the card number


Again, one line per user for all the users

Import process

At an elevated command prompt, navigate to the directory containing the EQcmd.exe file.

Run the following command syntax

eqcmd.exe -slocalhost -f importfile.csv

where <importfile.csv> is the name f the impoirt file created above.

Import them in order of creation above.

Users will then be imported into Equitrac and AD sync can bring in all the other details (email address etc.)

a log file created in the same directory called importfile.csv.log

Applies to:  

Product Version
Controlsuite 1.x
Equitrac 6.x


Article # 3042762