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Controlsuite : How to enable correct DRE Page counts when print jobs are cancelled on Ricoh devices

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Question : 

Is there a way to ensure DRE (Document Routing Engine) page counts are accurate on Ricoh MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) when print jobs are released but cancelled due to paper jam/error etc.? 


There is a special feature available to Ricoh devices to allow the DRE to check that the pages it counted were actually printed on the printer.

After the print has completed, the DRE can query the MFD to obtain the actula page count before posting the transaction to the database. Both Equitrac and device need to be set correctly for this feature to work


At the MFD:

1. Open special service mode

2. Enter Printer SP 1-001-9

3. Set bit switch 4 to 1 (so display is as below)


The device is now ready

Equitrac Web System Manager

1/ Open Web System Manager

2/ Open Devices > Physical Devices 

3/ Open the Physical device to be configured

4/ in the Output menu, Turn on Hardware Page Counting (PJL) as per the image below

Hardware Page Counting.jpg

The setting will now be complete

NOTE: The Output must be set to RAW (it does not work on LPR or IPP)

To Test

Send a print job to the device and ensure the paper runs out

When the printer errors, clear the job and check the Equitrac reports to ensure the page count matches the actual pages printed

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x
Equitrac 5.7
Equitrac 5.6


Article # 3038336