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HP Unified Client - Optimal login Speed Configuration

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When Configuring the HP Unified Client to ensure that the login speed is optimal there are a few areas to note. We attempt for the login speed to be on or under 5 seconds, however this may not be possible due possible infrastructure reasons.

Note that the overall load on the DWS and ControlSuite servers can affect performance. The more devices that are installed on a single server, the greater impact ther will be on the performance of the device. We would always recommend that a sufficient amount of memory and CPU is added to the relevant servers to ensure that server performance is optimal.

See Device Web Server Requirements on DWS specifications. For further information on failover. See this additional link. 

Load on the MFP can also affect performance. For example, if the customer is scanning multiple documents via the MFP then this will impact on other actions on the device until those scans are complete.

We try to optimize the card logins. When testing ensure that you can login via card. Logging in via username\password or primary pin will be slower than a card login.

Points to note:

Ensure that the latest version of DWS is installed. Over the different versions of DWS, there have been many improvements to the software. For this reason we recommend that the latest possible version is used.

When configuring the login method on the device there are 2 types of login that can be performed.

  1. Login only: This will log the user in and then they can select an option on the device (such as copy or Print to Me)
  2. Login to Print To Me: This will log the user in and then navigate them to the print to me app where the users jobs will be seen.

See Configure Workflow Containers on this topic.

Note that configuring the 2nd option will be perceived to be a slower login. This is because two phases are performed during the login process. The user is logged in and then the user is taken to the Print To Me page.

  • Ensure that the DWS server and the devices are configured with a foreword and reverse lookup zone in DNS
  • Confirm that unused protocols are disabled on the device: In order to prevent unneeded network traffic.
  • Disable IPv6 is on the device if it has not been configured. This ensures that the device will not do an IPv6 lookup.
  • Configure the correct DNS servers are configured on the device.
  • Try to ensure that the device has the most possible direct communication to the DWS server. If the device has to travel via multiple routers or switches then this can delay the login performance.
  • Proxys between the device and the DWS server will need to be disabled. This is known to delay communication or even prevent login completely.

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Article # 3046126