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How to configure Card Readers for Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh (PCC5.1)

Card reader configuration for Kofax Universal Client for Ricoh (PCC5.1)
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Card reader configuration for Kofax Universal Client for Ricoh (PCC5.1)


How do you configure a card reader for use with Equitrac when using the Ricoh Unified Client (PCC5.1)?


This depends on what kind of Card Reader you are using:

When using a Kofax Card Reader:

When using a Kofax Card Reader there is no need to change any settings from default on the MFD, detecting the card reader can lead to conflict as the unified client does not require this to be configured.

Please change the Card reader detection to 'Do Not Use' if changing from a third party card reader (image below)



When using a Third Party Card Reader:

Important: All other card readers require a third party card reader license for both Equitrac 5 and Control Suite (Equitrac 6).

Without a license the card reader will not function. (This also includes SafeCom Card Readers re-purposed for use with Equitrac)

Ideally this should take place before installing the Software onto the device as it is easier to configure at this point 

  1. Press User Tools => Screen Device =>  Screen Feature Settings => External Interface Software Settings => IC Card/Bluetooth Software Settings
  2. Select IC Card Reader
  3. Select Proximity Card Reader
  4. Select Proximity Card Reader Settings
  5. At this stage insert the reader into a USB slot on the SOP panel (NOT the rear of the machine!)
  6. Wait for the pop up and say OK
  7. The card reader details will be displayed on screen – make sure the “Auth” checkbox is checked (See image below)                                                                                
  8. Finally exit from all menus & reboot the device, the card reader will then be ready for use.

Card reader detect.jpg








Please be aware that in a mixed card reader environment, all card readers should be configured for the same output (BYTE REVERSE, DECIMAL/BINARY and OUTPUTLENGTH)


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh