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How to create a Virtual Queue for use with Equitrac Print-to-Me printing using Windows PowerShell

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What is the best way to create a Virtual Queue for use with Equitrac Print-to-Me printing and can I use Windows PowerShell to help me do this?


Best Practice is to follow a simple process to ensure creating your virtual queue is quick and simple

Follow these steps:

  1. Create your Physical device in Web System Manager and set secure printing defaults.
  2. Create your Printer ports in Windows PowerShell.
  3. Create your Printer Queue using the ports above.
  4. Print test pages to register the queues in Equitrac.
Step 1

Open Web System manager and go to Devices > Physical Devices and choose + Add Physical Device

When it opens, set the following:

  1. Name - make it meaningful
  2. Hostname/IP address can be a name or a real address e.g. or FollowYou
  3. Set Secure Printing Default to Enabled
  4. Set Monochrome/Color as appropriate
  5. Add a Pull Group
  6. Save your settings

1 follow you pd.jpg

  1. Go back into the Physical device
  2. Open the Output Section
  3. Important: Set the Output to None and save again - this prevents the virtual queue from taking a device license.

1 Physical Device Output.jpg

Step 2
  1. Open Windows PowerShell ISE in Administrator Mode
  2. Select File > New
  3. Add the following command:
    Add-Printerport -Printer HostAddress FollowYou -Name Fy1     
    [You can create the name as you like as long as Printer host address matches the hostname/IP address in Step 1]
    Repeat if you wish to use printer pooling incrementing the name. For example, if using 5 ports for the queue the script will show:

Add-Printerport -PrinterHostAddress FollowYou -Name Fy1

Add-Printerport -PrinterHostAddress FollowYou  -Name Fy2 

Add-Printerport -PrinterHostAddress FollowYou -Name Fy3 

Add-Printerport -PrinterHostAddress FollowYou -Name Fy4 

Add-Printerport -PrinterHostAddress FollowYou -Name Fy5

2 ports.jpg


4.  Press the Play button in the task bar to create the ports, which is much quicker than using the printer wizard.

Step 3

 Add the printer queue in Print Management using the wizard:

  1. Add a printer
  2. Use an Existing port from Step 2 
  3. Add the driver as appropriate
  4. Add the queue and share name
  5. Complete the wizard without printing
Step 4
  1. Open the Printer properties
  2. Turn off any bi-directional communication and add the printer ports using Pooling from Step 2
  3. Set printing defaults
  4. Pause the print queue and send 5 test prints
  5. Un-pause the queue and let the jobs spool through
  6. Open Equitrac Web System Manager and open Sources > Print Queues. Your queues should display with Secure Printing Enabled ready for use

3 Secure queue.jpg

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.2
ControlSuite 1.1
ControlSuite 1.0