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Issues when ControlSuite server is not internet connected

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What problems will I have if my ControlSuite server is not internet connected?


Support has reported cases where on the Equitac DCE server, internet (or specific communications) was not available.

Delays may be caused by attempts to update TLS certificates by CTL (Certificate Trust List) engine on a new login (connection) and TLS establishment from Print Job Management (PJM) servers.

We are currently investigating ways to improve our solution to avoid unwilling CTL engine updates and/or use connection pool on the client side to reduce the number of connection openings. Until then, the following workaround is proposed.


According to the following Microsoft (MS) article, TLS handshake delays could be caused by CTL (Certificate Trust List) updater engine on machines which do not have internet access:

To verify if the Windows CTL updater engine is causing a TLS handshake delay, there is a need to temporarily disable it for both the trusted and untrusted CTLs and then attempt our TLS connections again.

To disable it:

  • Create a backup of this registry key (export and save a copy)
  • Then create the following DWORD registry values under the key

To revert the above registry changes, restore the backup.

Please evaluate the following for more permanent solutions:

For the untrusted CTL:

For the trusted CTL:

  • For server systems, consider deploying the trusted 3rd party Certificate Authority (CA) certificates via Group Policy (GPO) on an as-needed basis.
  • For workstation client systems, consider:
    • Allowing access to the public allowed Microsoft CTL URL
    • Defining and maintaining an internal trusted CTL distribution point as outlined in Configure Trusted Roots and Disallowed Certificates.
    • If you require a more granular control of which CAs are trusted by client machines, you can deploy the 3rd Party CA certificates as needed via GPO.

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.0
ControlSuite 1.1
ControlSuite 1.2