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Konica Minolta Combined Client quick setup guide for ControlSuite

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Konica Minolta Combined Client support was introduced in Equitrac Office and Express 5.6 and is now available for ControlSuite.

This is a quick setup guide to supplement the official Nuance Combined Client for Konica Minolta -  For detailed instructions on each component, refer to the relevant guides.

For best results, follow the below steps in the displayed order.

ControlSuite preparation

  1. If using just Equitrac, Install Controlsuite (ensure Device Control Engine (DCE), Device Web Service (DWS) and Device Control Service (DCS) are installed)
  2. If using Equitrac and Autostore then don;t install Device Control Service as your Autostore Workflow will be used to provide the Device connection

Device Registration Service (DRS) preparation

  1. Install the latest available version of DRS is installed as per the installation guide
  2. Open the Device Registration Service Web Client (http://:9000/)
  3. Create a new application
    • Application Type: Konica Minolta iOption
    • Print Manager: Equitrac
    • Print Manager URI: https://:8443/DwsMain/services
    • Use SSL for Web Application: True
    • Set Autostore Server details if required
  4. If AutoStore and Equitrac are being used, configure Autostore to include a Konica Minolta CC workflow. 

Konica Minolta Device Preparation

On the Konica Minolta device management web page:

  1. Log in to the device as an administrator
  2. Ensure the device has a valid TLS certificate
  3. Ensure the clocks on the device and the MFP match and that the time zones are set correctly (use NTP where possible) as a difference greater than 2 minutes can cause encryption handshake to fail
  4. Set the following settings:
    • Security > SSL Settings > Mode using SSL/TLS: Admin mode and user mode
    • Network > TCP Socket Setting
      • Use SSL/TLS: Checked
    • Network > OpenAPI
      • Use SSL/TLS: SSL Only
      • Port Number: 50001
      • Port No.(SSL): 50003
    • Network > WebDAV Settings > WebDAV Server Settings
      • WebDAV Settings: ON
      • SSL Setting: SSL Only
  5. Log out of the device management web page

Adding the Device to Equitrac

In Equitrac Web System Manager:

  1. Add and configure the physical device as per normal
  2. Add an embedded device to the physical device
    • Definition > Type: Konica Minolta CC
    • Initialize the device

Check that Autostore or DCS is listening correctly by browsing to: http://localhost:3348/ - you should get a certificate warning and a web service saying your device is not recognised (this is normal).

Adding the Device to Device Registration Service (DRS)

In the Device Registration Service Web Client (http://:9000/):

  1. Add a new device (Devices tab > green plus symbol)
  2. Register authentication (wait for confirmation in the Action History)
  3. Register client (wait for confirmation in the Action History)


If you cannot register authentication on the device, check SSL settings are configured correctly on the device.

A blank screen on the MFP means the device is trying to contact the web server but cannot. Check the server connections, particularly port (including firewall) configuration.