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Offline ControlSuite activation

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How to perform an offline activation of ControlSuite


If the ControlSuite Licensing server does not have internet access a manual activation will be required, please follow the steps below.


  1. Open a web browser
  2. Navigate to the following URL:
  3. Enter a valid email and registration code
  4. Enter a server name, this can be the hostname of the server or any friendly name
  5. Enter the server ID, which is displayed in the licensing portion of ControlSuite Configuration Assistant
  6. Click on Register and wait for the process to finish
  7. Once the serial number has been registered, a manual activation file will be sent to your email
  8. Copy the activation file to the server
  9. In the Configuration Assistant, navigate to the Licensing section
  10. Click on “Refresh License”
  11. Select the second option “This license server has no access to internet. Update license from binary downloaded from Kofax Customer Portal”
  12. Browse to the manual activation file
  13. Click on “Apply”

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