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Steps when unenrolling and re enrolling ControlSuite Services

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The CS enrollment tab within the Configuration assistant allows for the un enrollment and re enrollment of services. This process creates a new component ID which essentially is a token that the services (Equitrac,Output Manager,AutoStore) use to connect to Security Framework.

Once the services are un enrolled and re enrolled we suggest to restart all the services in the services tab in the Configuration Assistant. This will allow for these services to use the new component ID generated by the un enrolling and re enrolling of these services.

If this process is not followed the following symptoms can occur.

  • Users unable to see print jobs
  • Jobs fail to be printed
  • Login failures
  • Scans fail

Please ensure that if services are un enroll and re enrolled, all services on that server are restarted.

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ControlSuite  All Versions


Article # 3046733