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Configuring ControlSuite hangs at "Setup Cassandra" stage

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We have occasionally seen that when configuring ControlSuite, it will hang at the "Setup Cassandra" stage and will not proceed.


There are many reasons why this could occur but 2 common causes are:

Cause 1: The cipher TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA is not installed on the server.

Answer: Check to see if the cipher is installed and retry the Configuration Assistant in ControlSuite.

Cause 2: The SecurityFramework user profile is corrupted. 

Answer: This can happen if ControlSuite is uninstalled and then reinstalled. Ensure that the SecurityFramework user profile is deleted. This can be done in the system properties of the server > user profiles. Select the SecurityFramework profile, delete it, reboot the server, then run the Configuration Assistant again. 


Applies to:  

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ControlSuite  All versions