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ControlSuite and DRS 8.0 : Upgrading from DRS 7.12 and earlier requires workaround

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  Starting with DRS 8.0 (shipped with ControlSuite), the default install directory has changed from <c:\program> to <c:\program>.   As a result, when performing upgrades, some specific files (specifically Plugins) must be moved manually to preserve functionality.  See detailed steps below.  
  1. Manually copy the existing LocalDB database files (DRS_LDB.mdf and DRS_LDB_log.ldf) from existing DRS installation location (i.e. <c:\program>) to a safe temporary location.
  2. Uninstall existing DRS
  3. Using ControlSuite Install Assistant, install DRS (version is not shown in UI, but it is 8.0). Do not start DRS.
  4. Copy the existing Plugins folder to the new installation location. To preserve and restore the existing files complete as follows:
    • Navigate in Windows to the previous installation location of Device Registration Service (i.e. C:\Program Files(x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service)
    • Navigate within this location to Service\Plugins
    • Find all folder with the name NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.* (i.e. NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.RicohSOP)
    • Copy the contents of these folders into the identically named folders in the new install location.
  5. Run Database upgrade tool
  6. Start DRS
  7. Browse to DRS webpage and verify all devices, application and files are still present