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How to recover from a failed upgrade of

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Question / Problem: 

How to recover from a failed upgrade of

Answer / Solution: 

During an upgrade to ControlSuite, the MSI detects that the Cassandra version needs to be updated, it runs install.cmd, and starts the Cassandra service.  If 8dot3 is not enabled, the install will put a bad classpath into the registry, the service will fail to start, and the upgrade will fail.

First Step (removal of ControlSuite):

  1. Click on the Search icon and type PowerShell.
  2. Right click on the PowerShell application and select “Run as administrator”.
  3. Set PowerShell execution policy to unrestricted by executing the following command. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  4. When the warning message appears type “Y” and press your “Enter” key.
  5. Navigate to the “Configure” folder of your ControlSuite installation package for example “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\\Configure”
  6. Once you have navigated to the “Configure” folder type the following command: .\InstallAssistantHelper.ps1 -uninstall -removeconfigurationdata
  7. A confirmation message will appear, type “Y” and press the “Enter” key.
  8. The uninstall and cleanup process will now start.
  9. If the system does not have internet access you will get some warning messages.
  10. When the uninstall process is completed, open Windows control panel.
  11. Double click on “System”.
  12. Click on “Advanced system settings”.
  13. Click on “Settings” under “User Profiles”.
  14. Select the “SecurityFrameworkService” profile and delete it.
  15. Restart the server.


Second Step (enabling 8DOT3):

  1. Open an elevated command prompt run and execute the following command: fsutil 8dot3name set 0
  2. Reboot the server and install ControlSuite normally. 


Third Step (reinstall):

1. Reinstall ControlSuite



“0” Enables 8dot3 name creation for all volumes on the system

The command should be run from a path on the install drive volume


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