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Output Manager license goes into a grace period one day after it is activated, ControlSuite 1.3 or ControlSuite 1.3 Fix Pack 1 only

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Installing or upgrading to ControlSuite 1.3 or ControlSuite 1.3 Fix Pack 1.

The Kofax Output Manager Console - License Information screen shows the license is in a grace period, even though the license was just registered successfully.  This occurs when:

  •             The registered Kofax ControlSuite license has more than one ControlSuite license serial number:
    •       The current registered license(s) are made up of two ControlSuite Enterprise, ControlSuite Foundation, or ControlSuite Government and Healthcare serial numbers
    •       In the future a second ControlSuite license is added because additional MFP devices need to be added to the system
  •             The Kofax Licensing server that is part of the ControlSuite 1.3 or ControlSuite 1.3 Fix Pack 1 installation files.
  •             The ControlSuite 1.3 and Fix Pack 1 Kofax Licensing version is, as seen in the Windows – Control Panel – Programs and Features.


Error Messages:

·       Output Manager Console upon opening posts a message stating Output Manager license is in a grace period with xx number of days remaining.

·       Output Manager Message Console has the following message, yellow background, listed multiple times for each feature:

o   Message ID: 6529 - Message: The expected license feature: application_library was not found when checking license.




To correct for this issue before installing or upgrading to ControlSuite 1.3 or ControlSuite Fix Pack 1:

-          Upgrading – in the Kofax ControlSuite Install Assistant – uncheck the License Server when selecting the ControlSuite components to upgrade

-          Installing new – Contact Kofax ControlSuite support for a ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 3 LicenseServer.msi. Replace with this LicenseServer.msi the ControlSuite 1.3 LicenseServer.msi. Proceed with the Kofax ControlSuite Installation Assistant.

-          If you do not have access to the Kofax ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 3 LicenseServer.msi, create a Kofax Support case requesting the LicenseServer.msi.


If the Kofax ControlSuite 1.3 License Server is already installed, it must be uninstalled and replaced with the Kofax ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 3 License Server.

Follow these steps to replace the License server and verify the issue is corrected:

IMPORTANT: Replacing the Kofax License server will cause the Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant to step through each of the configuration tabs. Before implementing the following steps, make sure the Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant > Authorization & Security > Security Admin Credentials are known. They will be needed in step 9 below.

1) Using Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant > Core Services stop the Licensing Service.

2) Close the Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant.

3) Verify in Windows Services that the license server service (Kofax Licensing) has stopped. 

Note: If it hangs in stopping, stop it with Windows Task Manager - End Task.

4) Uninstall the Kofax ControlSuite license server (Kofax Licensing) using the Windows Programs and Features.

5) Delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ControlSuite\Licensing".

6) Install ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 3 LicenseServer.msi. Right-click and choose Install. 

NOTE: In Windows Programs and Features note the Version for this Kofax Licensing program is The ControlSuite 1.3 and and ControlSuite Fix Pack 1, Kofax Licensing version is

7) Start the Kofax Licensing service in Windows Services.

8) Wait two minutes while the license server builds itself.

9) Open the Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant and step through the tabs.

Note:  If the Licensing Service or the Output Manager services are not running, please restart them.

10) At the Licensing tab wait for the license to refresh, if it does not refresh, use the Refresh Licenses link.

11) Verify the OM server is licensed: open the Output Manager Console – Administration – License Information. Make sure the License Status: shows the license is ‘activated’.

12) To validate the above steps corrected the issue, stop and start the Output Manager services, verify that the license is ‘activated’.


If there are any questions or issues please create a Kofax Support case.


Applies to:  

Product Version


Output Manager 5.3
Output Manager 5.3.1


Article # 3046794