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ControlSuite: How to create a License Server and map an Entitlement


Before ControlSuite, AutoStore 8, Equitrac 6 or Output Manager 5 can be used, the software must be licensed in the following manner.   1. Within the Entitlement Portal, navigate to License Servers, and click Create License Server. 2. Enter the following details:

  • Name: Enter a server friendly name of choice.
  • Type: ETHERNET (ETHERNET is the default type choice and for servers with one network interface. If the server is on a virtual machine, has multiple network interfaces, or the network interface is likely to change, choose VM_UUID.)
  • ID: The Server ID is listed in the Configuration Assistant on the Licensing Server. To obtain the Server ID, access the Configuration Assistant and navigate to the Licensing section.
  1. Search for the created license server within License Servers.
  2. Click the license server hyperlink.
  3. Click on the Action drop down and choose Map Entitlements.
  4. A list of all entitlements available to be mapped will appear, listed by Activation ID. 
  5. Click Save, and the license server has now been created.   **Please note that the License Server has to be created under the Customer/End User account the entitlement is being used for. This is required in order to be able to view the server and map the entitlement accordingly to that server.    Once the License Server has been created, Site ID and Model Detail fields will also appear. These fields are not used by Kofax, and should be ignored. Due to a limitation, these fields cannot be hidden.   To map entitlement IDs, there must be claimed entitlements with an available quantity in the account in order to proceed.
    • Look for the specific Activation ID to be mapped. (If the list is long it's recommended to use the browser's Find functionality.)
    • Review the available quantity and total quantity columns, along with the Product column. 
    • Enter the quantity of the available licenses required to be mapped to the server. 
    • Click Save.

In the ControlSuite software, navigate to Configuration Assistant > Licensing and click the Refresh Licenses link.

For more details on how to navigate the Entitlement Portal, please see: .