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Entitlement Portal Navigation for Customers


  The Entitlement Portal is accessed by following the below steps: 

  1. Go to and click the Log In or Sign Up button. 
  2. Enter login credentials and then click Log In. 
  3. Once logged in, click the Registration tab at the top of the page.
  4. Click ControlSuite, then the Entitlement Portal link. First time registrants please see  for additional steps. 
  5. The Entitlement Portal home page will load.

The following sections are accessed through the menu on the left-hand side of the Entitlement Portal.   Home  The Home page shows the most commonly used links, including Recent Entitlements, Recent Releases, and Downloads.   Activation & Entitlements 

  • Unclaimed Entitlements - allows claiming of yet unclaimed entitlements such as add-ons.
  • List Entitlements - provides a list of all claimed entitlements that belong to the company.
  • Claim Activation IDs - allows claiming of Evaluation Activation IDs (also known as evaluation licenses). 

License Servers 

  • License Servers - provides list of License Servers that were created under the company. 
  • Create License Server - allows creation of License Server representation with the server ID (i.e. MAC address) which facilitates the actual generation of licenses to be applied on the license server where the product is installed. 


  • List Downloads - provides downloads for product based on the claimed entitlement(s). 
  • Download Log - provides a log of previous downloads. 
  • Search Downloads - allows to search for downloads with wildcard (*). 
  • Recent Releases - lists recently released download packages.
  • Recent Files Added - lists recently added download files.

Accounts & Users

  • List accounts - provides a list of the company accounts.
  • Search accounts - allows searching for associated company accounts (if applicable). 
  • List users - provides a list of user accounts associated to the company. Entitlements on the Portal are tied to the company name, so multiple employees can register and view entitlements that belong to the company.
  • Search users - provides the means to search for User accounts within the company.

  Customer Support Customer Support Portal - links back to the Knowledge Base portal.