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How to claim an Entitlement ID as a new Entitlement Portal user


Entitlements must be claimed through the Entitlement Portal by the End Customer.   To access the Entitlement Portal, both a support account and an Entitlement ID is required. To create an account on the Kofax Support Portal: and access the Entitlement Portal, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log-in to an existing account or create new if one does not already exist. To create an account on the Kofax Support Portal, a company provided email address must be used.
    • Click on Log in or Sign up in the top right corner. A login pop-up will appear. Click on Create an Account and fill out the form.
    • A confirmation email with a temporary password will be sent.
    • Once the account has been confirmed the site will prompt to change the password.
  2. Once signed into the account, click Registration.
  3. Under ControlSuite click on the Entitlement Portal link.  
  4. If prompted to confirm if End Customer, click Yes.
  5. Review the End User License Agreement and click that the agreement has been read and is accepted.
  6. Click Claim.
  7. Review and confirm the Organization information is listed accurately.
  8. A confirmation window will pop up. Access to the Entitlement Portal is now available and will automatically transfer into the portal.

  Registration to the Entitlement Portal is a one-time step per user. Once successfully registered, the Registration link will transfer directly to the Entitlement Portal.  

If there are any issues with registering for the Entitlement Portal, please open a ticket with Support for assistance.