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ControlSuite: How to Request a License Upgrade

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To request a ControlSuite license upgrade from a previous AutoStore or Output Manager version, create a support case at

Only licenses with active Maintenance and Support contracts are eligible for upgrades.

Provide the following details in the support request: 

  • End-user company name
  • AutoStore / Output Manager licenses that are currently in use 
    • AutoStore upgrades require a non-expired license report from the current version server 
  • Number of licensing servers (if more than one exists)
    • Total number of devices, per licensing server

Once the upgrade is processed, and a new license is available, you will be asked to provide an expired license report from the current AutoStore server.

Depending on the upgrade path, the Technical Support team may further inquire about specific components.


Customers who are looking to upgrade from v5 of Equitrac, will need to reach out to their Kofax Sales Manager to discuss available upgrade options. 

Product Version
AutoStore 6.x
AutoStore 7.x
Output Manager 4.x
Output Manager 5.x