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Equitrac: NFC enabled phones for authentication

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Can NFC-enabled devices (i.e. smart phones) be used with Equitrac card readers to authenticate?  


ControlSuite, Equitrac 6, Output Manager 5 together with Business Connect 8, the Kofax Micro Card Readers and a compatible Embedded Client(*) now supports the use of NFC enabled smartphones for authentication.

The Business Connect 8 application should be installed on compatible Android and iOS devices, and the Authentication option should be used.  The phone should be tapped on the Micro Card Reader connected to a compatible MFP running the appropriate Embedded Client, and the user will be logged in.

Note: iOS devices use Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) rather than NFC technology, however the user experience is identical.

(*) Compatible Embedded Clients include:

Brother Unified Client for Brother (where device allows)
Canon Equitrac Embedded for Canon MEAP  
Epson Kofax Unified Client for Epson (where device allows, requires updated device firmware)
Fuji-Xerox Equitrac Embedded for Fuji-Xerox ECSP (where device allows)
HP Kofax Unified Client for HP  
HP Equitrac Embedded for HP OXP  
Kyocera Equitrac Embedded for Kyocera  
Lexmark Equitrac Embedded for Lexmark eSF  
Ricoh Ricoh PCC4  
Ricoh Ricoh PCC5  
Ricoh Unified Client for Ricoh SOP  
Samsung Unified Client for Samsung Smart UX  
Toshiba Unified Client for Toshiba (where device allows)
Xerox Equitrac Embedded for Xerox ECSP (where device allows)