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AutoStore - Workflow Tracker - Fatal Error EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION ( 0XC0000005 )

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AutoStore Service stopping with the below message in the AutoStore log.


Fatal Error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION ( 0XC0000005 )  at Display Name = Workflow Tracker, Object Name  = ReportRRT.ReportFilter, DLL Path = C:\Program Files\Kofax\AutoStore\ReportRRT.dll, Signatured = 1


The cause is due to the Workflow Tracker not being selected/configured in the AutoStore configuration.  If you need to have the Workflow tracker in the task activated for some forms and not all, you will need to click on Workflow Tracker (in the workflows that is not activated) as if you were going to configure it and then click OK without enabling anything.




In ControlSuite 1.3 Fixpack 2, you will not need to go through these steps.  It will automatically be done.


Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore 7
AutoStore 8


Article # 3041578