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ControlSuite: Zoned OCR RRT value is not passing through the workflow at runtime

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Zonal OCR RRT value is not passing through to the rest of the workflow at runtime.  This issue occurs in ControlSuite 1.2 / AutoStore 8.2 when the File option is not selected under Output OCR text as: 


  1. If you have a valid Maintenance and Support contract, contact support to get the hotfix that will address this issue. 
  2. Or, you can select File under Output OCR text: 



PLEASE NOTE: This issue only occurs in ControlSuite 1.2/AutoStore 8.2.  The fix will be included in ControlSuite 1.3. 

Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore  8.2
ControlSuite  1.2.x.x