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Configuring an Ethernet card reader fails at 10 Percent

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On some occasions we have seen that when configuring an Ethernet Card Reader, the configuration fails at 10 Percent


Run a Network trace on the DCS sever to check to see if the MAC address of the Ethernet Card reader matches the MAC Address in the trace. If it does not then it could be that the router or Firewall is sending out an invalid ICMPv2 query. This query can contain an invalid MAC Address which would be a the reason why the trace shows this invalid MAC Address. This can cause the configuration of the card reader to fail. 


To resolve there are 2 options:

  1. Disable ICMPv2 on the router or Firewall 
  2. Configure a new subnet for the Ethernet Card Readers where ICMPv2 is disabled.


Applies to:  

Product Version


Equitrac Office 

Equitrac Express

All Versions


Article # 3041358