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ControlSuite: "Connection attempt failed!" error; can't log in to Output Manager Console

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Problem Statement:

Getting "Connection attempt failed! Communication Failure." error when trying to connect to and log in to the Output Manager Console.    


Potential Cause:

The account running the Output Manager services does not have the permission to access the database.    


Ensure that the service account configured for the Output Manager services has the "dbowner" role permission to the Output Manager database.  It's recommended that all five Output Manager services have the same service account configured: OM DBM Service, OM Input Service, OM Output Service, OM SNMP Service, and OM Rules Agent Service.     To verify the account that is currently configured, see the Service Credentials column in the Services section of the Configuration Assistant.   To change the account that is currently configured, click the ellipses (...) to the right of the service and select "Credentials..."  Please note that the services must be stopped to make this change and that the credentials will need to successfully validate before they can be saved.    



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