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ControlSuite: "Invalid Credentials" error when trying to start services

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Problem Statement:

Getting "Invalid credentials" error when trying to start ControlSuite services in Configuration Assistant.  


Potential Cause:

Certain services require additional permissions to function and interact with other systems (i.e. databases, etc.) and the currently configured account does not have the required permissions.    


In many cases, a dedicated service account with both Local Administrator and Domain User access is required.  During initial configuration, these services are highlighted in red text and underlined, as seen below.  Other services that are not highlighted may also require this to provide full functionality.      

To enter credentials, either click the highlighted, red text or the ellipses to the right of the desired service under the Action column and the credentials window will open.  Once credentials have been entered, the "Test credentials" button must be selected and successfully pass before the option to select "OK" is available.  Click Ok to save the change.  

Options within the credentials window:


General Recommendations for ControlSuite Services: - Use the Services section of the Configuration Assistant to make any changes - Use the same service account - Exception cases are the Licensing Service and Device Web Server (DWS) service; these should be left with the default credentials (as such, the option to change this is NOT available within the Configuration Assistant)   See also: - ControlSuite: "Connection attempt failed!" error; can't log in to Output Manager Console - ControlSuite: "Insufficient security rights.." error; can't log in to Output Manager Console