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ControlSuite: "Missing security framework credentials..." error message

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Problem Statement:

Unable to enroll services in the CS Enrollment section of the Configuration Assistant.  Getting one of the following errors after selecting to enroll the service(s):    When trying to enroll (or unenroll) services, the following error is seen:   "Missing security framework credentials required for enrollment."


When trying to enroll a single service:   "Enrollment requires security credentials."  


This may also present itself when trying to make other changes within the Configuration Assistant that involve the Security Framework.    

Potential Cause:

Security Admin Credentials have not been successfully validated since the Configuration Assistant was last opened.    


In the Configuration Assistant, click on the "Authorization and Security" section in the navigation on the left side. Enter the Security Admin Credentials that were configured during initial setup.   Click Login to confirm the credentials.   After, try to enroll the services again.   Once successfully validated, there should be a green checkmark, as seen below: