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ControlSuite: Change of Regular Expression in OPBarcode and OCR component

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It might be that at runtime the barcode value validation doesn't work because of the used regular expression. When the value has been recognized properly but the regular expression is still failing, then the reason could be the RegEx configuration.


Since AutoStore ControlSuite 1.1 Fixpack 4 the Regular Expression engine was updated. In order to fix the issue a configuration change is needed. Please use the following regular expression. It is required to have the "\s - matches any white-space character" and \S - matches any non white-space character at the end of the regular expression. Please see some examples below.


Example 1:

The recognized barcodes are: 900177200006008129168142, 900177200006008129168020

The Engine performs a full match, the recognized barcode starts with 90017720000[06] and there may be additional characters [\s\S]*

Before the engine change:


After the engine change:



^90017720000[06][^\x00]* (when Unicode characters may occur).

Example 2:

The recognized barcode is: 2222222-11111

Before the engine change:


After the engine change:



\s - matches any white-space character

\S - matches any non white-space character

\x nn - Uses hexadecimal representation to specify a character (nn consists of exactly two digits)

[^\x00] - means any character except the string terminating null character '0'.


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite  1.1 Fixpack 4
ControlSuite  1.2