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ControlSuite: How to diagnose Scan to Me / Capture and Send when scans are not delivered

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Question : 

How are issues with Capture and Send diagnosed when scans do not reach their destination

Answer : 

Steps to diagnose the issue are here:

First of all, it is important to capture the details of the scan that was not delivered

  • Multi-function Device (MFD) that the scan was performed on
  • User account details
  • Scan workflow performed (Scan to Me, Scan to Folder, etc.)
  • Time of scan

When the user logs into the MFD, the Device Control Engine (DCE) contacts the Core Accounting Service (CAS) to authenticate the user. It also checks the load balancing settings for the Scan Processing Engine for Available Scan Processing Engine (SPE) and then contacts the first available SPE to make a connection for the scan to be sent. If this is unavailable, the next SPE is contacted and so on. If no SPE is available, the Scan workflows will not be presented. Also, if no load balancing is performed the SPE is presumed to be local. 

Load Balancing settings is found in the Equitrac Web System manager in Global Configuration Settings > Scan Configuration

SPE Nodes.jpg


Once the scan begins, the job is collected in the DCE scan cache folder (C:\Windows\System32\Config\SystemProfile\Appdata\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQDCESrv\ScanData). this will build in size until the scan is completed

Once the Scan is complete the file is transferred to the assigned SPE for processing, this is stored in a similar folder for the SPE (c:\Windows\System32\Config\SystemProfile\Appdata\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQSPESrv\ScanData)

Once the file is received the SPE processes and converts to its final format (if Capture and Send is used) and then to routes the scan to its final destination  

All of these processes can be diagnosed using the Equitrac Web System Manager to enable debugging.

Scan status can also be viewed in the Equitrac Scan Client 

Users can see their own scans and Administrators can see all scans governed by the Access Permissions menu in Web System Manager if they are in the Admin group

Follow this process to help diagnose the issue and collect logs:

1. Open Web System Manager 

2. Go to Diagnostics > Trace Settings

3. Select the required CAS, DCE and SPE servers and click "Edit Trace File Settings" menu.

4. Set logging to Custom > Debug and click OK


5. Open the ScanData folders above for DCE and SPE so the scan can be watched (there may be files already in the folder that are stuck and cannot be processed). You may need to open and view the folders on more than one SPE server.

6. Log into the MFD and select required Scan workflow

7. Start scanning - Watch the Job appear in the DCE ScanData folder

8. Complete the Scan - The job should then move to the SPE ScanData folder

9. Once Completed, Open the Web System Manager and go to the ScanClient

10. Look for your job and its status (Use the filters for user/device)

11. If the job does not arrive at its destination, return to the diagnostics menu and zip up the required CAS/DCE and SPE logs


12. Note all metrics, workflow configuration (so the expected behavior is known), collect logs, details of test, and upload them to the Case on the support portal

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x



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