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ControlSuite: AutoStore license shows as expired and N/A

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After a successful license activation for ControlSuite AutoStore, the AutoStore License Manager shows as expired and some components as N/A:



Text below should be delete?

This is normally an indication that the AutoStote license files are not installed correctly.

Please checked that the ASL folder is present in the directory "C:\ProgramData\NSI\AutoStore".

If it is not, please run a search in the windows explorer for .asl and if these files are found in the "C:\Windows" directory you will need to follow the solution below.

Even after a repair installation and re-licensing the status does not change.

A possible solution is described below.


  1. Please run a command prompt as administrator
  2. Go to C:\Program Data
  3. Execute the command: dir /a
  4. Check if the "JUNCTION" Application Data, is different than the directory "C:\ProgramData"

Example for a "JUNCTION" to a non existing drive: 

Wrong Junction.PNG

AutoStore can only be licensed if the "JUNCTION" Application Data points to an existing drive and folder 



The server administrator will need to change the Junction back to the default "C:\ProgramData" or should confirm the Junction points to a valid location. 

After this has been done, please run a repair on the AutoStore installation under Programs and Features and re-license AutoStore.

Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore 8


Article # 3038371
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