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ControlSuite / Equitrac login issues or system becomes unlicensed

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Question / Problem: 

The following symptoms are seen in ControlSuite Equitrac 6 (can also occur with additional component products such as Equitrac 6 and Autostore 8 or Equitrac 6 and OM 5 - see Applies to section below for affected versions):

•    The Equitrac system seems to become unlicensed (after being licensed and working for some time)
•    Users unable to logon to the Embedded Clients using Equitrac (even though it was working correctly for some time)
•    Slow login to the Embedded Clients using Equitrac (and the rest of the Equitrac system).

Possible cause is the file growing to an unusually large size.

Answer / Solution: 

Check the file located in <C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\flexnetls>.

If is very large, please raise a support case with Kofax and request a patch as an interim solution.  When raising a case, please ensure the name of the customer is stated, the server ID and the serial number of the license.

The permanent solution will be included in ControlSuite 1.1 Fixpack 2.

If the file  is not large, technical support can be engaged for further investigation.

Applies to:  

Product Version

Equitrac 6.1.1



Article # 3020756