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ControlSuite : How to Generate Trace Logs in Equitrac 6

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How to Generate Diagnostic Trace logs in Equitrac 6


Open the Equitrac Web System Manager in your web browser and log in.

In the Menu go to the Diagnostics > Trace Settings

Select the service you require tracing on in the Web Interface by checking its box. 

In the Menu above choose Edit Trace File Settings

When the menu appears select as below:


Save the settings

Once this is complete, please clear the file contents to keep the log files small for the session rather than providing e.g. 6 months of standard logs.

To do this, reselect the service you are tracing and select Clear File Contents:


Then complete your tests

When tests are complete, download the files using the Download Logs option

Note: Remember to switch the logs back to standard once tests are complete and logs downloaded