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ControlSuite : How to collect Core Accounting Service (CAS) logs manually

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If it is not possible to access Web System Manager, there may be a need to collect CAS logs. As the Web client is not available, how are CAS logs collected? 


Temporary workaround: 

When the Equitrac Web Client turns on CAS logs a file called Default.xml is placed on the Server and the CAS picks up that this has been added/changed and starts to log according to the settings in this file.

If the Equitrac Web Client is not available, the file can be placed manually to turn on logging.

Download the default.xml file to the following directory on the CAS to enable this change.  

  1. Copy the Default.xml file to 

CAS Running as a service account:

  • C:\Users\<Service account>\Appdata\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQCASSrv\Settings

CAS Running as Local System

  • C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQCASSrv\Settings
  1. Stop the CAS service and remove the CAS logs (see ControlSuite : Where are the log files stored in ControlSuite 1.2?)
  2. Start the CAS service
  3. Reproduce your issue 
  4. Zip up all EQCAS log files newly created
  • Attach the files to the case with all relevant information.

Once completed, turn off client logs by:  

  1. Remove the Default.xml file from the directory
  2. Restart CAS service


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.3
ControlSuite 1.2