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ControlSuite : Output Manager License is not activated

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ControlSuite Output Manager 5 shows that the License is not activated and the grace period has expired. However, Configuration Assistant, is showing the license as 'Active'. 

Answer : 

In versions of Kofax ControlSuite, prior to Kofax ControlSuite version 1.2, the License Server Certificate will expire a year from the License Server installation. Output Manager 5 will not trust the Kofax ControlSuite License Server certificate and this will cause the Output Manager license to go into a 10 day grace period. At the end of the grace period, Output Manager 5 will not work.

Reinstalling the Kofax ControlSuite License Server will create a new certificate only good for one year.

Recommended action to correct this issue is to upgrade ControlSuite to version 1.2 or above. 

The issue will show in the Output Manager Message Console log with Message Id: 6746. The content of this message has: "An error occurred while installing license…Error 12175 calling ServerCertificateValidationCallback". This causes the OM DBM Service to not trust the CS License server due to its expired certificate.

To correct this issue, please follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Before implementing the following steps, make sure the Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant > Authorization & Security > Security Admin Credentials are known. They will be needed in step 7 below.

1) Using Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant > Core Services stop the Licensing Service.

2) Using Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant > Services stop the OM DBM Service and the Equitrac Core Accounting Service. If there are Output Manager and/or Equitrac servers that are remote to the Kofax ControlSuite Licensing Service, these services need to be stopped on the other servers as well.

3) Verify in Windows Services that the license server service (Kofax Licensing) has stopped. 

Note: If it hangs in stopping, stop it with Windows Task Manager - End Task.

4) Uninstall the Kofax ControlSuite license server (Kofax Licensing) using the Windows Programs and Features.

5) Delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ControlSuite\Licensing".

6) Reinstall the Kofax ControlSuite license server using the MSI found in the C:\...\KofaxControlSuite_OfflineInstall_1.1.0.4\\Installs\ folder using the LicenseServer.msi file. Right-click and choose Install. 

Note: This is an example based on Kofax ControlSuite 1.1 Fix Pack 4. The C:\...\ refers to the folder on the Kofax ControlSuite license server that has the .msi files ControlSuite was last install with.

7) Using Kofax ControlSuite Configuration Assistant step through the tabs to start the services that were stopped in step 2. 

Note:  If the license server is not running, please restart it.

IMPORTANT: On an install of a ControlSuite Fix Pack or a reinstall, please be sure to perform Step 5.


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.0
ControlSuite 1.1