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ControlSuite : What could cause login delays in Equitrac 6?

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What are the likely cause of login delays in Authentication and job discovery and release in Equitrac 6


PJM (print Job Management)

If the PJM is not connected to the internet, delays are caused by the the service attempting to communicate across the Internet to check its certificate, see KB ControlSuite: Delay to View Job list (if the servers have no Internet access) - Kofax


Incorrect Connection String

When installing an additional server remote from the CAS, it is important to use FQDN to connect to the CAS in Configuration Assistant. When services communicate, to ensure a timely connection, the address needs to match the enrolment address which is stored in the Security Framework using its FQDN and Port. Any difference will introduce delays while retries are attempted or will not be able to complete caching in the case of PJM.


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Product Version
Controlsuite 1.x


Article # 3046028